Atropine therapy

Evidence now seems to comprehensively support the idea that atropine eye drops prevent myopia from developing. If administered via eye drops, atropine temporarily blocks some muscle receptors in the eye to slow down the growth of the eyeball, which can be abnormally large in the case of myopia. Atropine eye drops is also used to treat eye conditions like  lazy eye.

However, the research presented a number of limitations as the treatment was mainly administered to those of Chinese descent and the environment controls in regards to treatment times and duration were not defined. .

Administering a low dose of the atropine drug is an easy and effective way to slow down myopia progression, minimising any negative side-effect of the drug’s use over time.

There are some undesirable side-effects to be aware of, such as momentary stinging and potentially blurry vision and light sensitivity. For some patients who are opposed to this, contact lenses may be a better option.