Optometrist in Dural

Seeking a quality “optometrist near me”? My Eye Site’s experienced optometrists near Dural offer a service that exceeds the standard, taking a holistic approach to your eye care. Improving your eyesight requires more than assessing whether you can read a letter on a chart, determining whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, and so on.  


Top Optometrist Services for Dural Residents

My Eye Site works to improve visual perception for your customers. Our approach to optical care is holistic, which includes an application of behavioural optometry principles. Our optometrists are specially trained to provide a level of care not provided by standard eye tests for Dural patients.


Eye Tests Baulkham Hills

So that we have a comprehensive understanding of your eye health, we frequently update our testing equipment to ensure we can collect accurate and full data on your and your family’s eyesight. For example, we test for cataracts, ocular signs, macular degeneration and eye diseases relating to high diabetes and blood pressure.


Contact Lenses Baulkham Hills

Want to improve your eyesight without the hassle of glasses and frames? With My Eye Site’s range of contact lenses Dural customers can enjoy optimal eyesight. Modern contact lenses are both more comfortable, easier to maintain and easier to apply to your eye.


Behavioural Optometrist Baulkham Hills

The science of optometry has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years. To make the most of these advances, My Eye Site’s optometrists are specially qualified in the principles of behavioural optometry. A local behavioural optometrist Dural can depend upon, My Eye Site will assess your and your children’s ability not only to see but to process visual data. Doing this functionally is crucial for healthy development.


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