Our Guarantees

Buy with Confidence

All our products come with a 1 year manufacturers’ warranty, but we go further by having a five star Eye Site guarantee policy.

Prescription Guarantee

New prescriptions take time to get used to. If your eyes change or you cant get used to the new prescription, we guarantee to replace the lenses free of charge within 3 months of purchase. New prescriptions must be determined by us.

Scratch Guarantee

Although nothing is scratch proof, all our lenses come with a super scratch resistant coating. If you accidentally scratch them, we’ll replace them at 50% off within one year of purchase. Fitting fees may apply.

Multifocal Guarantee

Although our lenses are of the highest quality and design, if you’re one of the minority that can’t adapt to your multifocals, we’ll replace them free of charge with lenses that will work for you within the first 3 months of purchase!

New for Old Guarantee

Accidentally broke your brand new frame or sunglasses beyond repair? We’ll replace the complete frame or sunglass at 50% off within 12months of purchase. Not applicable to prescription lenses.

Lifetime Service Guarantee

We offer a lifetime of free servicing including adjustments and cleaning free of charge. Spare parts may be charged at a nominal price.