Our People

Dr Anthony Tran

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

B. Optom (Hons), OA, OSO, CCLSA, JP


Grad Cert. Ocular Therapeutics


  • Dr Tran graduated with Honours from the University of NSW
  • Had clinical training at the Veterans' Administration Medical Hospital in Spokane, Washington State, USA.
  • Had clinical training in the Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania
  • Experienced Orthokeratology practitioner
  • Experienced Laser Surgery Co-Management
  • Experienced in Myopia Control
  • Experienced in Advanced Contact Lenses
  • Experienced in Keratoconus and Keratoconic contact lens fittings
  • Experienced in Ocular Disease Detection and Treatment
  • Speaks fluent Vietnamese

He is a member of Optometry Australia, Orthokeratology Society of Oceania as well as the Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia. He has previously been a board member of the Optometrists Association of Australia. After several years of consulting for several independent practices, in 2003, Dr. Tran became a principal Optometrist by founding Eye Site Optometrists, a company dedicated to excellence in Optometry. Dr Tran has a special interest and passion for Advanced Contact Lenses, Orthokeratology, Myopia Management and Ocular Disease detection and treatment.

Dr Jenna Morrow

Behavioural Optometrist

B.App Sc (OPTOM), OA member of Optometry Australia, member of ACBO

  • Jenna graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2001
  •  She has a special interest in children’s vision and has completed further study through the Optometric Extension Program Foundation in BehaviouralOptometry 
  • Keen interest in Developmental Optometry and vision therapy
  • Jenna has a keen eye for fashion eyewear and making sure the frame is suitable for optical needs by making customised lens selection
  •  Interest in co-management of laser eye surgery Experienced Orthokeratologypractitioner
  • Experienced Laser Surgery Co-Management
  • Having myopia since age 8 years old she has always been making sure she offers her short-sighted patients the best care and she if very focussed on Myopia management with Myopia Control Techniques
  • Experienced in Advanced Contact Lenses for example Keratoconus

Jenna is a member of the Optometrists Association and is a Member of Australiasian College of Behavioural Optometrists.  She has special interest in childrens’ vision, myopia control, advanced contact lens fitting and Orthokeratology.. 

Dr Andrew Leung

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

B.Optom (Hons), OA member of Optometry Australia

  • Graduated with honours from University of New South Wales
  • Had clinical training in Southwest Hospital, Chongqing China 
  • General Optometry
  • Won the Essilor Australia Pty Limited prize in Dispensing 2014: for best overall performance throughout the Bachelor of Optometry Bachelor of Science program in dispensing 
  • Experienced lens recommendation
  • Interest in behavioural optometry and vision therapy
  • Co-management with general practitioners, Ophthalmologists and other medical professions
  • Therapeutically endorsed
  • Interest in the fitting of advanced contact lenses
  • Speaks fluent Chinese

Andrew has a special interest in lens recommendation, and the fitting of spectacles to suit individual needs. He is also keen in childrens' vision and the fitting of contact lenses. 

Dr Joyce Chang

Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber

B.Optom (Hons)/B.Sc, OA member of Optometry Australia,

  • Graduated with honors from University of New South Wales
  •  General Optometry
  • Interest in children’s vision
  • Special interest in myopia management which includes fitting ortho-k lenses, specialty optical lenses and atropine eye drops
  • Co-management with general practitioners and Ophthalmologists
  • Experienced in ocular disease managements
  • Therapeutically endorsed
  • Experienced in providing optometric services to outreach clinics to remote Indigenous communities in NSW and NT
  • Speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese

Chia-Jung enjoys general optometry and prescribing optical lenses and contact lenses to suit individual needs. She has a special interest in myopia management and children’s vision.

Dr Dilini Jayamanne

B.Optom (Hons), OA member of Optometry Australia

  • Had clinical preceptorship training completed at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India
  • General Optometry
  • Valuable advice in latest lens technology and frame selection to suit every customer
  • Special interest in geriatric eye care
  • Special interest in diagnosing and monitoring of ongoing ocular disease
  • Special interest in diagnosing and management of diabetic patients. 
  • Co-management with general practitioners and Opthalmologists

Dilini has a special interest in ocular disease detection and treatment. She is also dedicated to geriatric eye care.